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COVID-19 & Our Commitment to Our Community

Italy is home to everything SKIN&CO. Our farms, our products, our ideas come from Umbria, Italy and our heart is broken for those who have lost their lives with the difficulties the Coronavirus pandemic has brought to the country.

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As the country counts over 80,000 cases and 8,200 deaths, we can’t wait any longer to provide support to those in needs. During this very difficult time the country is facing, we can all do something to support the work of local medical staff to help patients live and join their families again. 

Andrá Tutto Bene

SKIN&CO will support the local Red Cross as well as the Ospedale Santa Maria in Terni (Umbria and all funds donated will go directly to help manage the current crisis to purchase equipment necessary to strengthen the available IC Units as well as masks, gloves, ventilator and extra ambulances necessary to provide immediate assistance to those in needs.

All donations can make a difference at this time and we encourage you to help if you can. SKIN&CO commits to donate 10% of all sales from through June 30th to this fund.