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Capricorn Sun

December 22nd- January 19th
Practical and responsible, Capricorn has high self Awareness and a great work ethic! People born under this sign are masters at self control and management.


On May 3rd, The Sun And Saturn Clash Giving You Some Self Doubt That You Will Need To Work Through. Mercury Enters Gemini On The Same Day, Encouraging You To Continue Practicing Self-Care In Order To Work Through Past Mistakes And Issues. Venus Enters Gemini On May 8th, Boosting Your Positive Vibes And Energy So That You Can Get Through Even The Most Difficult Of Times.

The Taurus New Moon On May 11th Encourages You To Treat Yourself! Get That New Face Mask Or Skincare Product That You Have Been Eyeing. Now Is The Time To Splurge.Jupiter Enters Pisces On May 13th, Breathing New Life Into Your Creativity. Time To Actually Go All Out On That New Hobby Of Yours. On May 17th, The Sun And Pluto Form A Harmonious Connection, Giving Great Strength And Success To Your Creative Endeavors.

It Doesn't Seem As If Failure Is An Option Right Now. Saturn Stations Retrograde On May 23rd, Making You Hyper-Aware Of Your Finances. Is Now A Good Time For You To Invest?The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse On May 26th Encourages You To Reevaluate Your Beliefs, Why Are You So Set In Your Ways Capricorn? Mercury Stations Retrograde On May 29th, Causing You To Be A Bit Late For Deadlines And Unresponsive.  

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Did You Know?

Even if your zodiac sign is not Capricorn, this reliable star sign can still align & shape aspects of your horoscope!

Capricorn Rising

This Reflects Your Outward Persona

Your rising sign is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time you were born. Capricorn rising's are known for their duality. They are cautious and yet, have solid ambition.

Capricorn Moon

This Defines Your Emotions

Your moon sign is determined based on where the moon was located at the time of your birth. Capricorn Moon's are known to be serious and highly responsible individuals.