Inspired by my family estates where the freshest, farm grown ingredients come to life, I used a small laboratory nestled in the green hills of my Umbria, to blend the farm traditions, that my family has been keeping since 1911, with innovative, natural and effective formulas for today’s modern lifestyle.

The same knowledge and standards that go into picking the right ingredients and nutrients for a healthy lifestyle, have been the foundation to my formulation of the Truffle Therapy products. Having grown up on farms my entire life, I know that not all ingredients are born equal and I worked meticulously and patiently to obsessively search for the most nutrient rich plants that are harvested the old fashioned way.

Discover the Making of Truffle Therapy

Since beginning our journey, we are proud to operate from our small village in Italy, where we source, grow and extract the best ingredients to create natural active skincare. Our formulas balance nature and tradition with science and research to create the most luxurious experience for your skin, using Mediterranean botanical extracts.

My mission is to share these authentic Umbrian remedies we have been using for generations with the world, for an experience that is truly farm to face.

I believe this is what true luxury looks like, today.

 We believe beauty is a ritual of wellness that begins with choosing the right nutrients for our skin and our body, using farm fresh, active ingredients that haven’t been altered. This is the Mediterranean spirit of living.

Nature is truly the key to vibrant, healthy skin, and makes the world go ‘round. That’s why we obsessively source and formulate, while methodically paying attention to what goes into each and every bottle. We wouldn’t want it any other way. We call it, the Slow Beauty Process. Daily, we strive to bring the Mediterranean ritual and sensorial experience to our customers around the world by sharing tested and true natural recipes using rigorously selected ingredients and materials for an incomparable spa-like experience at home.